About us


See Far Housing (SFH) is developing durably- and sustainably designed one- to four-bedroom homes priced within the means of low- to middle-income families in the City of Kigali. By helping to address Kigali’s housing shortage economic development will be spurred, particularly related to construction trades, with concomitant employment growth and increased demand for complementary goods. SFH developments provide a well-placed steppingstone on the path to fulfilling Rwanda’s aspiration of becoming a middle-income country with a prospering middle class and youth opportunities. See Far’s approach will help make home ownership with modern features accessible to a wider swath of Rwandans. A portion of its net profits support the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village, www.asyv.org.


See Far designs, constructs and sells durable, culturally appealing, affordable and market-prices homes. See Far homes include the option of solar hot water heating and wireless Internet service as upgrades. In addition, See Far is evaluating the suitability of a number of other sustainable elements, including an onsite electric vehicle or other alternative fuel, car sharing pod as means to reduce the area dedicated to parking; development of a “maker’s lab” as part of community retail space; creation of a community garden, and or specialized habitat areas, in collaboration with a world-renowned ecological design firm; advanced water systems, such as dual plumbing; and construction of a wastewater treatment. See Far Housing will establish training programs in building trades, project/property management, and brick manufacturing.

Board of Directors

Steven Moss

Board Chair


Mr. Moss is See Far’s Board Chair and Chief Sustainability Officer. He’s a founding partner with M.Cubed, a resource economics and policy analysis consulting firm. He has a Master of Public Policy from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a Bachelor of Science in Conservation of Natural Resources from the University of California, Berkeley.

Micky Padway

Board Director and acting CEO


Dr. Micky Padway, See Far board member, serves as Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Padway is a development economist and finance executive. She’s a former business owner with experience in enterprise development and project management and budgeting. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from New York University in Finance and International Business, a Master of Arts and a PhD in Development Economics from New School University.


Board Treasurer


A See Far and ASYV Board Member and Treasurer, Michael DelGiacco developed ASYV's initial financial plan. He’s an experienced financial executive, trained at General Electric before moving to the mortgage industry, where he’s held two chief financial officer roles at U.S.-based lending companies and Ocwen Financial Corp, one of America’s largest mortgage companies. Currently he’s Senior Vice President of Finance at Money Mart Financial Services.

Jeff Franz

Board Member


Jeff Franz is a civil engineer, developer and property manager. His company, Paradise Property, LLC, owns and manages more than 2,000 apartment units and 200,000 square feet of retail space. Mr. Franz previously worked for one of the largest U.S. home builders, Toll Brothers, most recently as their Director of Engineering, a role in which he was instrumental in the acquisition, design, construction and management of a number of residential development projects.


Board Secretary


Joshua Kuckley, CFA, Vice President, joined Abner Herrman and Brock Asset Management in 2011. Josh is a Research Analyst and Portfolio Manager leading AHB’s Equity Research. He’s also a member of the Firm’s Investment Policy Committee. Prior to joining AHB, Josh served as a Research Associate at Mirror Image Asset Management. He’s a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts.


Board Member


Vlad Khandros is a global capital markets executive and thought leader. His roles have spanned innovation, strategy, management, governance and policy. He has experience managing teams, creating products, and building companies. He’s an advisor to and investor in high-growth companies with a focus on big data and analytics, impact investing, and female/minority led companies.



Construction Manager


Johan Geldenhuys is a seasoned manager with extensive African experience in the mining, power-generating, infrastructure and housing industries, Mr. Geldenhuys worked in Mozambique and Botswana on housing and energy projects, establishing training centers and fostering local materials use. He’s managed projects capitalized at up to $4 billion, overseen hundreds of workers. Mr. Geldenhuys holds certificates in construction regulations and legal liability.


Director of Operations


Eric Salongo Kalisa is a Partner Director of Africa Juris & Consult Ltd., and has deep experience in various managerial fields, including procurement, business law, supply chain management, logistics, and taxation. Mr. Salongo Kalisa was Director for Operations and Procurement for ASYV and held various roles as Head of Operations, Procurement and Budget for the Rwanda Ministry of Defense. Mr. Salongo Kalisa holds a Bachelor’s in law and a Master’s in business law from the National University of Rwanda.


Site Engineer


Augustin Dusingizimana is a civil engineer who has previously worked on Veskon’s Downtown Project, a mix of commercial buildings with hundreds of retail shops and offices. As site engineer Mr. Dusingizimana supervises technical site surveys, material quality, best practices.


Financial Controller


Janet Mutesi is responsible for all aspects of the financial management of the firm. Prior to See Far, Janet was the Chief accountant at the Rwanda Education Board and an Accountant at ASYV for a period of six years. Janet holds a Bachelor's degree in Business administration/Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant.